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Your skin is a direct reflection of your internal health and although the treatments offered at the Centre are all extremely effective, to get the maximum enhancement in your skin’s appearance it’s important to consider way of maximising your internal health too.

Eating the right foods is an important step in achieving this.  Specific nutriments have been shown to have a beneficial effect on your health. This is why the Centre recommends the Pharmanex range of food supplements. The range includes vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients designed to enhance your health, appearance and reduce the effects of aging.

The Pharmanex range has been developed in conjunction with Life Gen Technologies and has, with over $1 Billion of investment, brought together an impressive team of over 75 scientists to help understand the ageing process. Their ultimate aim is to increase healthy lifespans through understanding the genetic basis of ageing.

There is increasing scientific evidence that shows increasing your antioxidant levels has a beneficial effect on you longevity and helps reduce the effects of ageing. This is why before undertaking the Pharmanex range of supplements we always recommend your carotenoid antioxidant levels are measured using a BioPhotonic Scanner. The scanner uses the Nobel Prize-winning technology to measure your antioxidant levels ensuring you understand what your starting point is before beginning the supplements. We also recommend you undergo a free multi-spectral skin analysis to measure the direct effects of the supplements have on your skin.

Pharmanex are so confident in their food supplement’s ability to increase your antioxidant levels they offer you a three-month money back guarantee.

LifePak dietary supplements

This dietary supplement contains important antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and other metabolic co-factors.

LifePak provides your body with high levels of nutrients that target your needs at a cellular level. It includes nutrients such as biotin, calcium and copper, which are essential for maintaining healthy levels of energy and vitality.

The health benefits provided by LifePak are back by a large number of published studies on the antioxidants in LifePak. Several clinical studies have also demonstrate specific antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits from consistent and regular use.

From – £72

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Designed to help you feel younger, healthier and more vibrant than you have in years, ageLOC R2 works by reducing you age-related toxic burden and subsequent vitality loss.

AgeLOC R2 Night, taken in the evening optimises your cells natural cleansing processes, ensuring you start each day feeling renewed and refreshed. AgeLOC R2 Day stimulates cellular energy production helping you get the most out of your body and your day.

If you want to feel younger use ageLOC R2 and be part of the anti-ageing revolution. Combining breakthrough science and proprietary products ageLOC R2 is a perfectly balanced supplement to ensure you remind your body how to act young again.

From – £41

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Marine Omega

Containing krill oil and essential omega-3 fatty acids, Marine Omega is a dietary supplement rich in Doxosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA). Both DHA and EPA have been show scientifically to promote visual, brain and cardiovascular health.

Although your body requires a balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids for optimum health, most modern diets and contain too much omega 6. This essential supplement helps you redress this balance. With more than 100,000 scientific studies published on the health benefits of fish and fish oils, there is a clear level of evidence that suggests omega-3 essential fatty acids are an essential dietary supplement.

From – £67 

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This careful blend of fruits and vegetables contains carotenoids and is rich in vitamin C. Including wolfberry, sea buckthorn and acerola these carefully select ingredients not only taste great but helps reduce your body’s oxidative stress and maintains your skins natural radiance.

By protecting your cells from oxidative stress, JVI helps improve the normal function of your immune system, collagen formation and the normal function of you skin.

From – £98

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Before and after

The following images show the results of the clinic’s own product testing of the Pharmanex range of dietary supplements.

The multi-spectral images taken on the clinics own VISIA diagnostic machine show improvements in Christian Lyons’ skin between the dates 19th February 2015 and 24th March 2015.

Each images shows a percentile score for the feature of the skin being measured. A higher number shows an improvement in the feature. For example Christian’s wrinkles improved from 45% to 79%. His skin texture also improved from 54% to 79%.





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